Digital Design


A company website is one of the most important marketing tools an organization owns to establish credibility in the minds of customers. Yet many companies still have websites that were built over ten years ago. This can negatively affect the customer's perception of that business and hurt sales.

I believe that no marketing mix is complete without this incredibly powerful tool. I specialize in using the WordPress platform to create a site that is modern, effective, and affordable. I can build websites of varying complexity tailored to your actual needs. These are very cool websites that are easy to navigate, easily found in search engines, and are tailored to meet the specific needs of your company.

WordPress can do just about anything you can imagine. In addition, it puts you in control of how and when you want to update it WITHOUT a monthly maintenance fee to a website designer. Once the site is built, you will receive one-on-one training on how to perform these updates. If this sounds intimidating, Blue Creations also offers ongoing support. You will receive a user guide for future reference.

Design Process

Phase 1: Preparation and Management

  • Site Specification Development Meeting: (needs analysis, content planning, site structure design)
  • Administration: (preparation of contract/estimate, digital and paper file management, tracking hours, invoicing)
  • Client Communication: (meetings, phone calls, email correspondence)

Phase 2: Page Template Design

  • Creation of mockups in graphics program
  • Editing existing company logo for website
  • Creation of site graphics (masthead, buttons, photo montages)
  • Draft 1 - Selection of colors and layout
  • Draft 2 - Feedback and revisions
  • Final Draft - Final feedback and revisions

Phase 3: Individual Page Construction

  • Organizing and managing gathering of content from client, including specifying target keywords/keyphrases for search engines
  • Set-up Landing Page with 3-drafts
  • Preparation of client’s existing photos and graphics (receive, sort, re- name, file, crop, resize, optimize)
  • Researching and locating images and preparing them
  • Text content development, editing, proofreading
  • Set-up sub-pages including 3-draft process with varying complexity of graphics, columns, charts, text boxes, etc. Up to 10 sub-pages included in estimate.
  • Set-up forms (varies due to number of forms, number of fields, validation, testing, troubleshooting)

Phase 4: Server-Side Setup

  • Plug-ins setup and testing
  • Widgets setup and testing
  • Admin section setup
  • Editing HTML in pages as needed
  • Testing and troubleshooting final pages

Phase 5: Completion and Wrap-Up

  • Final additions, corrections and edits
  • Domain registration, DNS changes, hosting arrangements, setup of client email addresses
  • Uploading, testing, and finalizing completed site
  • Client Training Meeting: (for admin sections, checking site statistics, reference guide PDF file)
  • Submit site to search engines, directories
  • Other: (anything not yet included; secondary page designs, complex menus, etc.)