Small Business

From December 10, 2016 Everyone is in sales. This is a well known truth. We all trade with each other to get our needs met. It’s how it works. Customers lead to sales, but how do you find customers? How do you get customers to find you? And what makes them want to do business with you? Finding answers to these questions when I was new to sales was what I thought about most of the time. I’d wait for them to hopefully show up. I’d talk to my coworkers. I’d bug my manager. I’d complain about how slow things were. I’d start blaming theRead More →

10,000 Hours

From November 29, 2016 Days go by quickly when you’re busy. For me, this year has flown by. It’s tempting to begin planning for 2017, but if you’re a small business owner you need to double down on the next 30+ days. Customers are going to visit you, email you, message you, tweet you, snap you, and maybe even call you (yes, some people even know how to use the phone app!) They need you. Don’t let all the giant retailers take all the business. Promote yourself. Get out there. Meet new people. Deliver your elevator pitch. Tell them about the specials you’re offering. GetRead More →

Smith Family Color Run

From November 23, 2016 It’s 2016. It’s my 37th Thanksgiving. It’s still one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving means different things to everyone based on their beliefs, experiences, and current situation. For me, Thanksgiving is about family. I thank God daily for what the Lord has given me, but Thanksgiving is special. It forces us to close up shop, buy a bunch of food, get together, possibly watch football, and let the people in my life know they mean a lot to me. I was adopted by my father into the Smith family, and they made this holiday very special to me growing up. IRead More →

From October 11, 2016 I watched a short video today from Gary Vaynerchuk entitled Overnight Success. His main argument is that there aren’t any real overnight successes. People that seem like they were that lucky have all been working towards that behind the scenes for a long time. It’s the 10,000 hour rule. You can’t skip the work. It made me think about how I spend my days. When I was younger and trying to make the Varsity Basketball team at SK I had no problem putting in the work. I realized that there was a deadline and only so many days in between. ItRead More →