I recently ran across a rant from a local small business owner regarding their frustration that the people in Port Orchard are not supporting small business. This person seemed afraid at some level that their business may not survive another year, and this fear caused this person to scold the community. I’ve never met this business owner, and I am going to assume they are typically an amazing person. Fear causes us to do things or say things that we may not otherwise do, so I have tremendous empathy for this person. However, scolding the people you want to be your future customers will neverRead More →

Port Orchard Art

From October 9, 2016 I’ve been inspired lately to design a poster that showed off aspects of our area that we can all connect to. As I think through the different areas that come to mind when I think about Port Orchard, I realize that there are a lot of visuals that could be used to identify our city. For this piece, I narrowed it down to a few of the elements that are meaningful to me. I decided to incorporate the totem pole, our inlet and foot ferry, SK Wolves Football, A & W, City Hall, and the Farmer’s Market. There were a lotRead More →

Foot Ferries

I don’t know how else to say this, but I love Port Orchard. I have for a long time. I tried to figure out why by analyzing what “it” is that we have here. Moving around the country affirmed that our little city isn’t too different from other areas. People are people. The fries at McDonald’s are the same here as they are in Oklahoma. High schools have football games on Friday nights. Everyone is trying to figure out how to make a living and how to spend their free time. I realized that I could live just about anywhere and make up my mindRead More →