Business Growth

In the past few weeks, I have been in the process of updating my mission statement. I wanted to make it more concise and focused. I thought long and hard about what it is that I’m really trying to accomplish. The short answer is that I’m trying to impact the economy in Kitsap County. How? By helping small business owners survive and grow their businesses despite challenging competition. I’m not anti-corporate, but I LOVE small business. I believe I was inspired by the examples set for me on both sides of my family tree. Both sides have backgrounds as small business owners. That was theRead More →

I’m not sure if you noticed, but there are a large number of people these days claiming to be digital marketing experts. With so many potential experts out there, who should you listen to? How do you sort through the number of companies posting sponsored ads on Facebook? Are they all giving you the same advice? Is it good advice? At some point, it’s important to question their credentials. The reality is that it is easier than ever before to get a decent looking website started for free. The amount of social media applications that can be used for advertising purposes is fantastic. But doesRead More →

I recently ran across a rant from a local small business owner regarding their frustration that the people in Port Orchard are not supporting small business. This person seemed afraid at some level that their business may not survive another year, and this fear caused this person to scold the community. I’ve never met this business owner, and I am going to assume they are typically an amazing person. Fear causes us to do things or say things that we may not otherwise do, so I have tremendous empathy for this person. However, scolding the people you want to be your future customers will neverRead More →

10,000 Hours

From November 29, 2016 Days go by quickly when you’re busy. For me, this year has flown by. It’s tempting to begin planning for 2017, but if you’re a small business owner you need to double down on the next 30+ days. Customers are going to visit you, email you, message you, tweet you, snap you, and maybe even call you (yes, some people even know how to use the phone app!) They need you. Don’t let all the giant retailers take all the business. Promote yourself. Get out there. Meet new people. Deliver your elevator pitch. Tell them about the specials you’re offering. GetRead More →

From November 21, 2016 I’ve been told that I am a great communicator. I’ve also been told that I’m an awful communicator. How is it that both of these opposing statements could be true? The problem with those statements is that they imply that I’m always one way or always the other. The truth is that I’m sometimes great at communicating and there are times I am not. I face this feedback with written communication as well. Sometimes I write just the right thing at just the right time and it seems to help people. Conversely, I admit that I’m embarrassed of some of theRead More →

Foot Ferries

I don’t know how else to say this, but I love Port Orchard. I have for a long time. I tried to figure out why by analyzing what “it” is that we have here. Moving around the country affirmed that our little city isn’t too different from other areas. People are people. The fries at McDonald’s are the same here as they are in Oklahoma. High schools have football games on Friday nights. Everyone is trying to figure out how to make a living and how to spend their free time. I realized that I could live just about anywhere and make up my mindRead More →

From October 4, 2016 Don’t take it for granted that your customers are thinking about you. They’re probably not, but don’t take it personally. They have a lot on their minds. When I was a rookie salesman, the one thing I was always trying to figure out was where I was going to find my next sale. After all, that’s what I was at work for. I waited out front sometimes for hours hoping someone would show up and buy something. Some days were busier than others. Some days were painfully slow. There’s nothing quite like a slow day of business to make you wonderRead More →

From January 24, 2016 Blue Creations was started back in 2009 as my graduation portfolio website. I needed to figure out what my URL was going to be, and in honor of my father I decided to name it Blue Creations. I thought about what this could become for many years, and in 2015 I started to get a glimpse of what it actually was becoming. I don’t know if everyone struggles with figuring out the type of art or design they like to do, but for me it was like going to a restaurant where everything on the menu looked amazing! As a youngRead More →

From September 19, 2015 As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I ran across a question about pricing from a fellow artist. They were asking for opinions regarding pricing their artwork. It made me think about the issue of price and reflect on the things I’ve learned in business and college over the years on this topic. At the end of the day price is still dependent upon two things; supply and demand. We may have forgotten this if it isn’t something we regularly deal with. Digital downloads are an example of something everyone realizes there are an infinite supply of. When determining priceRead More →