This is a very popular question right now, and I wanted to try to get some answers for myself. This article is about my conclusions as to what has happened and where we are heading. I don’t have all the answers, and I won’t go into a ton of depth here. This is more of a brief overview that allows us to step back and see the bigger picture. I admit, it’s so strange seeing all these retailers and malls that we all grew up with closing stores and facing potential bankruptcy. What is going on? Approximately 10% of our workforce are in the retailRead More →

Business Growth

In the past few weeks, I have been in the process of updating my mission statement. I wanted to make it more concise and focused. I thought long and hard about what it is that I’m really trying to accomplish. The short answer is that I’m trying to impact the economy in Kitsap County. How? By helping small business owners survive and grow their businesses despite challenging competition. I’m not anti-corporate, but I LOVE small business. I believe I was inspired by the examples set for me on both sides of my family tree. Both sides have backgrounds as small business owners. That was theRead More →

Small Business

From December 10, 2016 Everyone is in sales. This is a well known truth. We all trade with each other to get our needs met. It’s how it works. Customers lead to sales, but how do you find customers? How do you get customers to find you? And what makes them want to do business with you? Finding answers to these questions when I was new to sales was what I thought about most of the time. I’d wait for them to hopefully show up. I’d talk to my coworkers. I’d bug my manager. I’d complain about how slow things were. I’d start blaming theRead More →


From December 8, 2016 I came across this image and realized that it represented how I’ve felt at work at times. I’ve felt like I’m everywhere with a million things in the air over my head that I’m attempting to juggle. And , I don’t know about you, but my days go by rapidly. As I progress in my career and have learned to do more, the thing I realize is that there really isn’t enough time to be great at everything. In reality, there is only time to do maybe one thing “great”. We might do a handful of things really well, but atRead More →

Car Sales

From July 27,2015 I graduated from high school in 1997, and I started selling cars at a Toyota dealership in November of 2000. I was 21 years old, and I never imagined I would have become a car salesman. I was shy early on in school and only became comfortable speaking in front of others my senior year after taking some drama classes. Also, I knew next to nothing about cars. What was I doing in car sales? Growing up I loved to draw. I often drew my favorite monsters, video game characters, cartoon characters, and comics. I loved movies and video games, and IRead More →