Small Business

From December 10, 2016 Everyone is in sales. This is a well known truth. We all trade with each other to get our needs met. It’s how it works. Customers lead to sales, but how do you find customers? How do you get customers to find you? And what makes them want to do business with you? Finding answers to these questions when I was new to sales was what I thought about most of the time. I’d wait for them to hopefully show up. I’d talk to my coworkers. I’d bug my manager. I’d complain about how slow things were. I’d start blaming theRead More →

Foot Ferries

I don’t know how else to say this, but I love Port Orchard. I have for a long time. I tried to figure out why by analyzing what “it” is that we have here. Moving around the country affirmed that our little city isn’t too different from other areas. People are people. The fries at McDonald’s are the same here as they are in Oklahoma. High schools have football games on Friday nights. Everyone is trying to figure out how to make a living and how to spend their free time. I realized that I could live just about anywhere and make up my mindRead More →

From October 4, 2016 Don’t take it for granted that your customers are thinking about you. They’re probably not, but don’t take it personally. They have a lot on their minds. When I was a rookie salesman, the one thing I was always trying to figure out was where I was going to find my next sale. After all, that’s what I was at work for. I waited out front sometimes for hours hoping someone would show up and buy something. Some days were busier than others. Some days were painfully slow. There’s nothing quite like a slow day of business to make you wonderRead More →

From November 11, 2015 When customers interact with your business for the first time they will have an experience with your company’s brand promise. The business will either deliver on its brand promise or it will fall short. You’ll either grow your customer base or you’ll be closing the doors. If this is literally that important, then what exactly is a brand promise? Your brand promise is simply the set of promises you make to the customer when they experience doing business with you. Let’s look at an example: The NFL: “To be the premier sports and entertainment brand that brings people together, connecting themRead More →