From January 24, 2016 Blue Creations was started back in 2009 as my graduation portfolio website. I needed to figure out what my URL was going to be, and in honor of my father I decided to name it Blue Creations. I thought about what this could become for many years, and in 2015 I started to get a glimpse of what it actually was becoming. I don’t know if everyone struggles with figuring out the type of art or design they like to do, but for me it was like going to a restaurant where everything on the menu looked amazing! As a youngRead More →

From November 11, 2015 When customers interact with your business for the first time they will have an experience with your company’s brand promise. The business will either deliver on its brand promise or it will fall short. You’ll either grow your customer base or you’ll be closing the doors. If this is literally that important, then what exactly is a brand promise? Your brand promise is simply the set of promises you make to the customer when they experience doing business with you. Let’s look at an example: The NFL: “To be the premier sports and entertainment brand that brings people together, connecting themRead More →

Adam and Nora

From August 29, 2015 As I’ve taken steps down this road of creating a graphic design business I have helped a few clients solve the problem of communicating what their brand is about to the public. Ironically, I’ve struggled to understand who I am and how to tell people what Blue Creations offers. As I read articles and listened to artists who have been freelancing for awhile I realized that most people specialize. They align three areas: passion, talent, and profitability. What am I passionate about? What am I good at? What can I make the most money doing? Once they figure these areas outRead More →