Strategic Branding


This is the thinking step. In order to create a powerful brand, you need a solid strategy.

Growing your organization happens one step at a time. Strategic Branding involves developing a comprehensive plan for your brand that will achieve your organization's objectives. A clear brand strategy touches all aspects of a business and speaks to customer needs, emotions, and your competitors. Your brand is WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHY you do it, and who you do it FOR.  It’s your promise to your customers.  It represents what customers expect your company to deliver.

I offer three levels of support when helping you build your brand.

Brand Consulting

Level 1 Support | Brand Consulting

This level of support can be thought of like an examination. We will discuss the current state of your brand, and I will bring you a fresh perspective and objective feedback to help you move forward. 

Brand Planning

Level 2 Support | Brand Planning

At this level of support, we will go through the process of establishing your new brand or revamping your existing one. This is a comprehensive, multi-step process where we will build your brand strategy.

Brand Implementation

Level 3 Support | Brand Implementation

If you want help bringing your brand strategy to life in your organization, I offer this level of support to make sure it goes smoothly. I will conduct a workshop for your team to ensure a successful roll out.