Visual Identity


Custom Logo Design

This is the process of developing the symbol that will represent your entire brand. Creating the best possible logo for your business takes time, talent, and expertise. Why? Because it isn’t easy, and you can’t rush it. To the business owner, it represents risk. The logo ends up on everything your customers encounter, and if it is not unique and representative of your business, you’ve lost.

Only about one fourth of the time on a logo project is spent on creating the logo itself, and the rest is spent doing market research and testing the right applications and guidelines for usage. This time investment helps to make sure that you will have a great logo that will last for many years.

Identity System

Stationery, brochures, advertisements, promo products, signs, posters, business cards, and other collateral are all ways of doing one thing – getting the attention of your audience. They should be visually appealing, but they MUST be effective in producing a response from your customers

Marketing materials are at their best when they all work within the context of an established visual identity system. They communicate your company’s personality as well as reinforce the value you create in your industry.

My designs will help you stand out from your competition and express the qualities of your organization. Blue Creations can take your messages and transform them into engaging marketing collateral that highlight the key benefits of what you provide.