Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce Logo Signatures

It isn’t as easy as it looks to create something original, and you can’t rush it. To the business owner, a logo actually represents risk. The logo ends up on everything your customers encounter, and if it is not unique and representative of your business, it could hurt your ability to attract customers.

Online companies sell logos cheap, and these logos are not original. They are like clip art. When you’re starting out, it may or may not matter to you that much. But eventually, if you want your business to grow you’ll need to invest in professional logo design.

Professional logo development takes time which is why it costs more. Only about one fourth of the time on a logo project is spent on creating the logo itself, and the rest is spent doing market research and testing the right applications and guidelines for usage. This time investment helps to make sure that you will have a great logo that will last for many years.

Logo Examples

Here are a few examples of logos I've created for my clients. Click them to enlarge.

PISTIS Brand Clothing

Port Orchard Chamber

Port Orchard Heart

SK Bond 2016

South Kitsap

Port Orchard WiFi

Language on Vacation


This is NOT Clip Art

I realize that there is a place for low-end design. Sites like Fiverr and 99Designs allow designers to sell old projects that didn't work out the first time. They aren't bad, but they aren't tailor-made for your brand, either. And sometimes, that is the solution that makes the most sense if you just can't afford to invest in professional design. However, IF YOU CAN, there are huge benefits to be gained in terms of brand equity if you make this investment. That's why most successful companies invest money on this part of their company. The brand recognition they receive from customers far outweighs the cost.

Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce T-shirts

Example Process

  • 1-2 Hour Consultation
  • Market research
  • Exploration
  • Solutions presentation
  • 2 Rounds of revisions
  • Final files & Usage guide