Art Giveaway July 2019

A few days ago, I posted that I would be giving away a painting to one lucky winner. I got a large response from this post and a ton of great ideas. The thing I didn’t mention was why I was doing it.

Obviously, it is a great form of marketing. It gets me on peoples’ radars that may have never heard of me. This was certainly part of my decision making process, and I don’t want to deny it.

However, one of the bigger reasons for doing this is that as I plan for the future of Blue Creations, I needed to make a decision as to what my company stands for. My mission statement is basically, “Inspire Life”. One of the ways I do this is that I paint the things I am inspired by so I can share them with others.

I appreciate Facebook, but I have felt an increase in the past few years of negative stories on my feed. I see people that have been friends for decades separating over temporary concerns. I think we could all use a little more positivity in our lives. I think it starts by someone putting some unexpected kindness out there. We have a choice to make each day when we wake up. We can either choose to love others and be kind to them, or we can choose the opposite. Unfortunately, sometimes I choose the opposite. I’d like to choose kindness more often.

I think this art giveaway will become a regular thing for BC. I’m hoping to have enough time to do it once a month, but I know I’ll do it at least quarterly. I had planned on just getting the public’s ideas, choosing one idea, painting it, and THEN doing the giveaway. However, when I saw how excited people were to possibly get something THEY wanted, I decided to change my tactic and simply paint what they ask me for.

I do have a few things that I am unwilling to paint, and instead of providing an exhaustive list, I’ll simply address it case by case. To give you an idea of what I mean, I will not be painting things that violate my conscience and faith. For example, things that are outright hateful or evil are certainly off the list. I also refuse to paint “sexy” themed-people; I think people are much more than objects and deserve dignity and modesty. That’s one of the reasons I usually paint landscapes! If I paint anything sexy, it will be a car!!!

Fair enough? After all, I’m a pastor, and honoring Jesus is very important to me. I wasn’t always a Christian and didn’t care what I painted, but He has been so faithful to me over the past 17 years. I owe Him my life, and I believe my life and art should reflect His teaching.

So other than those stipulations, I’m pretty much open to painting anything for you guys! My hope is that my work can bring joy to people for years to come!

Last but not least, I will be selecting and posting this month’s winner soon! To stay informed of upcoming Art Giveaways (or anything else I’m up to), the best thing to do is sign up for my monthly newsletter. You’ll find it at the bottom of my site at You can put in as much or as little info as you want, but I need at least your name and email address to send it out.

Other than that, if you need anything, feel free to email me!



1 thought on “Art Giveaway July 2019

  1. Sheila Dale Reply

    Love your ability to commumicate, and ‘what’ you convey!

    Concerning your newsletter, I rarely look at my email any longer, unfortunately. I will submit my information anyway for if by chance I do see it from time to time.
    Wishing, praying for your success!
    Love you!!

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