This is a typical question, and when you are buying anything it is an important part of the decision making process. I understand that.

Part of the reason it is difficult to find prices on many websites for services like these is due to the fact that every project is different. Commodities have a set price, and the goal is to sell thousands of copies. Design is not like that. All design agencies have their internal rate sheets to guide their quotes, and these are often decided by the experience and quality of the design agency. Other factors related to price include the overhead of each agency. The bigger the agency, the higher the design cost.

At Blue Creations, I charge fees that are very competitive considering what agencies in big cities tend to charge. I do not charge “hourly”, because this is a creative process where the time it takes to come up with the right idea can vary dramatically. Famous designer Paul Rand explained it like this when asked what his fees were based on. He said…

“It’s measured on nothing. If it takes me an hour, I do it in an hour. If it takes me a year, it takes me a year. I don’t work on time. You give me the problem, I let the idea come. Most of the time it’s immediate. I don’t start making sketches — that throws you.”

Now, I’m not Paul Rand, and I’m not charging $100,000 for a logo. The point is that it is not fair to either of us to charge hourly. If I am able to get it done fast, I get penalized for being good. If you’re paying me hourly and I drag my feet, then I’m taking advantage of you. Neither scenario is good, so I don’t charge hourly. I simply charge a fee for service, and then the pressure is on me to deliver.

To get a quote for your project, please contact me and let me know how I can help you. My service pages discuss the types of services I offer, and they can each be provided individually or in a package. For example, ordering one design piece (like a business card) takes the same consultation time as ordering three different pieces (business card, letterhead, and envelope), and I am able to discount the other two pieces as a result.