2016 Isn’t Over Yet

From November 29, 2016

Days go by quickly when you’re busy. For me, this year has flown by. It’s tempting to begin planning for 2017, but if you’re a small business owner you need to double down on the next 30+ days. Customers are going to visit you, email you, message you, tweet you, snap you, and maybe even call you (yes, some people even know how to use the phone app!) They need you. Don’t let all the giant retailers take all the business. Promote yourself. Get out there. Meet new people. Deliver your elevator pitch. Tell them about the specials you’re offering. Get out there and GRIND!

I’ll probably be up until at least 1 am. I have to be up and ready by 7 am with a day full of meetings in front of me. Did I maximize my opportunities today? Or did I consume everyone else’s media? Did I squeeze out five more sales calls or watch Wheel-of-Fortune?

Here’s the deal – we need to be at work when we’re at work, and we need to be fully present with our loved ones when we’re at home. You decide your schedule. Put as many hours into it as you want. Let’s just choose to not make excuses for our lot in life but instead give thanks. Every day is a new opportunity. You can make a difference with it. As long as there is air in your lungs, it’s not over.

I’ll end with this. There is a famous artist right now by the name of James Jean. I heard about him from an illustrator that discusses the business side of art on YouTube. I spent a few hours looking through Mr. Jean’s work, and it’s quite impressive. I also noticed that we are the same age. I don’t know Mr. Jean’s full bio, but I assume that he dedicated the past 20 years since he graduate from high school to perfecting his craft. And, if I had to guess, the guy is doing very well financially. It’s an example of putting in the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell discusses. It’s amazing what you can do when you take your talent and passion and combine it with dedicated hard work. It doesn’t matter what your past is. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter where you live. What matters is what you do with what you have.

I’m trying to hit my 10,000 hour mark in marketing and design. I have approximately 7500 hours to go. How about you?

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