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Check out my online store to find my current assortment of original paintings and art prints. Much of my work focuses on the beauty of my hometown and the Northwest. My goal is to "Inspire Life" through my work. I believe that art has the ability to change the mood of an environment. Therefore, I desire to paint things that bring life and vitality into a space. My work tends to sell fairly quickly. To see what's available now, click here
Port Orchard, WA
Port Orchard, originally named Sidney, became a city in 1890. My grandfather on my dad's side came to Port Orchard in the 1930's when he was in the Navy. He decided to settle here and start a family. He met my grandmother who had graduated from South Kitsap High School, and they had seven children together. I became the third generation of my family to graduate from South Kitsap, and I met my wife there, too. We have six children, and two of them have now become the fourth generation to graduate from SK. After traveling for 8 years, we came back to Port Orchard in 2013 and started businesses here.
Adam C. Smith, MBA
Right-brained Adam is the artist. Left-brained Adam is the entrepreneur. Depending on where you met me, you may know me as Adam the basketball player or coach, Adam the pastor, Adam the branding consultant, Adam the retail manager, Adam the salesperson, Adam the investor, Adam the chef, Adam the math tutor, Adam the actor, or maybe even Adam the author. In a world where everyone wants you to "put you in a box", it took me awhile to accept that I truly am all of these people in one person. It took me even longer to find out how to work in a way that allows me to do all the things I enjoy doing. 
Today, I try to encourage people to do ALL the things that THEY want to do. For example, I realized that if someone had the gift to sing in a way that it blessed everyone else around them and they didn't do it, it would be a real shame. Everyone would miss out, including them. We shouldn't live our lives this way. Don't bury your gifts in the sand. Use them, strengthen them, enjoy them, and use them to help the people around you! To learn more about me, click here.
Art Style
There are a few different things that I enjoy doing in the world of art. From the very beginning, my interest was in cartoons, games, and comics. I earned a degree in animation. However, my degree prepared me for work I didn't expect to do. I got very involved with graphic design and branding work, video production, building websites, and I started painting again in 2018. I am inspired by so many of the things around me, and it causes me to try to learn and create new things. In time, I hope to include all the different kinds of work that I've created over the years on my website.
Blue Creations
In 2009, my final class at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh required me to put together a portfolio website. I called it Blue Creations in honor of my deceased father. He had always supported my art, he helped me get loans for art school, and he passed away one year before I graduated. In 2015, I turned Blue Creations into a business when I started to get a lot of requests from clients. My logo was inspired by my attempt to represent both my 2D, 3D, and graphic design work. I wanted a logo that was a nod to my diverse interests and skill sets. 
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